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Thank you for your interest in LinguaLISTek! LinguaLISTek is a technical consulting company, specializing in a variety of business solutions, including software technology development and diverse forms of linguistic support. We provide professional consulting to support every step of a project life cycle.

We invite you to learn more about LinguaLISTek:

Our Mission & Philosophy

Standing by a strong set of core business principles, LinguaLISTek has a developed confidence and reliability with its customers. Discover what it means to be part of LinguaLISTek.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the technically inquisitive, we have a few answers for you. We will answer some of the most common technical questions asked by our clients. Questions involve development platforms, software programming languages, and other technical data.


Our offices and operations are spread throughout a variety of geographical locations in the United States.

A Brief History of LinguaLISTek

LinguaLISTek was born in 1997 with modest beginnings. Learn about how LinguaLISTek has undergone tremendous growth...


LinguaLISTek is very well-qualified for the needs of its customers. Brief descriptions of various certifications are provided...



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