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LinguaLISTek has openings for experienced and qualified individuals.  We offer competitive benefits and salaries.  Requirements vary according to position but may include: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience, proficiency in current systems development techniques.

LinguaLISTek is an equal opportunity employer. Interested and qualified individuals should send a resume our way.  Check for our upcoming career fairs to meet us in person.

Current Openings

Access Control Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Specialist
Administrative Support Specialist
Audio/Video Technician
Communications Network Manager III
Communications Network Manager IV
Communications Network Operator
Communications Network Operator Technician II
Data System Analyst
Database Administrator
Database Engineer
Database Management Specialist
IA Systems Engineer Lead
Information Assurance Consultant
Information Security
Information System Security Manager
Information System Security Officer
Information System Security Officer (Junior and Senior)
Information System Security Officer Technical Lead
Information Technology Consultant IV
Information Technology Security Specialist III
Information Technology Security Specialist (Junior and Senior)
Intrusion Detection Expert
Java Developer
LAN Desktop Support Technician II
Language Instructor
Logistics Officer
Jr. Logistics Officer
Near Native Linguist
Network Engineer
Network and Systems Administrator
Network Messaging Operator
Network Security
Program Analyst
Program Manager
Program Manager IV
Project Control
Project Manager
Project Manager III
Senior Computer Scientist
Senior Engineer
Senior Data System Analyst
Senior Software Engineer
Senior System Administrator
Software Engineer
Subject Matter Expert (SME) III-IV
Systems Administrator
Systems Admin/Integration - UNIX
Systems Admin/Integration - Windows
Systems Administrator - UNIX
Systems Administrator - Windows
Systems Architect
Systems Engineer
System Engineer Senior - UNIX
System Engineer Senior - Windows
Technical Writer/Editor II
Technical Writer/Editor III
Test Engineer (Associate) II
Test Engineer (Associate, Intermediate, Senior)
Test Engineer (Intermediate) III
Trainer For Transition
Training Assistant
Training Specialist
Training Specialist I
Training Specialist II
Training Specialist III
Training Specialist Lead
Virtual Team
Voice Communications Manager III
Web Applications Developer
Web Content Administrator II
Web Developer
Web Graphic Designer
LinguaLISTek is a government contractor and private industry service provider who welcomes and accepts resumes and/or employment applications from Internet Applicants. We consider an applicant as 1) an individual who applies for employment with LinguaLISTek, and 2) satisfies the following criteria:

• Submits a resume/employment application for a posted job vacancy.

• Resume/employment application meets the basic qualifications for the position according to the job posting or advertisement.

• Applicant does not voluntarily withdraw their interest and/or consideration for a job opportunity prior to a job offer. Note: If you elect to withdraw from the applicant process after submitting your resume/employment application please email a communication requesting withdrawal from the applicant process to us at

• Resume/employment application is submitted following the guidelines established by LinguaLISTek for submission.

Your resume/employment application will be added to LinguaLISTek’s applicant database noting the date submitted and the position for which you applied. In order to be considered for an employment opportunity with LinguaLISTek or one of our clients, it is essential you meet all of the position’s “basic qualifications” according to the applicable job posting or advertisement. Basic qualifications may include your years of relevant experience and performance as it relates to a business goal, educational requirement, job specific licensure/certifications, and the like.

LinguaLISTek and its clients are equal opportunity employers. EOE.

Thank you for your expression of interest in a career opportunity with us.
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