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LinguaLISTek Wins Hispanic Business Award

After being recognized as the SBA's Minority Small Business Person of the Year Award, is it any surprise that LinguaLISTek has been recognized by the journal Hispanic Business as well?

In their July/August 2004 issue, Hispanic Business named LinguaLISTek one of the Fastest-Growing 100 companies in the United States. In fact, we were listed as number seven.

LinguaLISTek was also named one of the top 500 largest U.S. Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. by Hispanic Business.

These awards are significant for two reasons: first, they put LinguaLISTek on the map as a nationally-recognized competitor within our market; second, our growth has contributed to the "five-year [high] in total revenue, productivity, and job growth.... in business for Hispanic-owned companies" ("Top Speed" 26).

LinguaLISTek is considered by Hispanic Business to be a mid-size company. Businesses like ours help comprise 70 percent of the top 100 companies listed (25). And, overall, our particular industry -- service -- "claims the largest slice of companies and revenues..." (25).

Hispanic Business further reports that this year's top 500 "shows a group of companies moving beyond the middle market to enter the ranks of large privately held corporations" ("500" 62).

Minority-owned businesses are no longer in the shadows of America. They are taking center stage, providing jobs, strengthening their own communities and the national economy, and challenging the stereotypes of diversity-owned businesses. Hispanic Business is confident that "the same management teams that have successfully transitioned their companies from survival mode to growth mode can negotiate any businesses surprises in 2004" ("Two Decades" 68). That includes LinguaLISTek.

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