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Proven techniques; consistent results.

Twenty years of instructional experience in these areas speak for itself:
- Technical
- Language Support
LinguaLISTek designs training solutions with a customized approach to achieve the most effective solution possible.  By first assessing your needs, we will establish the requirements, the preferred learning style, and the target levels.

Together, we will agree upon the language objectives, and we will ensure that these objectives are met by monitoring the training programs.  Training programs are designed around our client's schedule.

Language Training

LinguaLISTek has been providing excellent training in Foreign Languages since 2000. We provide instruction to all levels from beginner to advanced, as well as English as a Second Language, in both full-time and part-time courses.

Through the oversight of our Training Director and our native-level language instructors, LinguaLISTek ensures that training provided is of the highest quality.

- The Training Director observes classes on a weekly basis.

- Each week Instructors prepare Student Evaluation Reports and Classroom Activity Reports which are reviewed by the Training Director.

- Students provide LinguaLISTek with feedback via weekly and end-of-course questionnaires.

- Students take proficiency tests every 10 weeks, as well as mid-term and final proficiency tests.

- Proficiency tests are given under the guidelines of the Interagency Language Roundtable Skill Description Levels.

Areas of Training Solutions

- Needs Assessment
- Requirements
- Course Planning/Development
- Instructor/Student Guides
- Course Delivery - On/Off Site

Language Training Center (LTC)

In May of 2003, LinguaLISTek opened the Language Training Center.

The training consists of customized language instruction.  All programs are flexible and developed especially for the student who is receiving the training.

LinguaLISTek does not take a program off a shelf; instead, we assess the student's current capabilities, goals and language learning abilities to develop a program that best suits their individual needs.

For a full description of the language training facility, read the news article...

Instructional Systems Development (ISD)

LinguaLISTek's training protocol follows the ISD process/model.
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